New Bulkhead Completed on Waterfront Site

Hurricane Sandy severely compromised about 200 feet of the New Suffolk Waterfront Fund’s bulkhead and left the rest in a state of disrepair with large gaps in the eastern bulkhead following the storm. After months of planning and permit applications, the Fund selected Latham Sand and Gravel to replace and raise all 395 feet of bulkhead 5 feet above the old level.

Work started in early July, 2013, on the eastern section of bulkhead, where the old Galley Ho had stood. By August, the Latham team moved on to the north return toward Captain Marty’s. Work progressed rapidly, and, in September, they finished the north bulkhead and completed the low sill at the southern part on the east, where transient dockage is anticipated in the future.

In early October the pilings to support the 6 foot wide walkway all along the 265 feet of bulkhead on the east side of the property were installed and then additional clean fill was brought in.

We will install the walkway, with the help of several contractors who are DONATING THEIR TIME. We thank them for their support and commitment to our cause!!

Now, the New Suffolk Waterfront Fund has a more substantial bulkhead and a scenic walkway LESS THAN A YEAR AFTER SANDY, thanks to the support of donors like you!!