The New Suffolk Waterfront Fund Community Garden was established in an inspired moment of spring 2009. We added a Mentor program to encourage our school children to grow their own organic gardens, and the kids were the most industrious and energetic gardeners. They learned to recognize the vegetables they were growing, and tasted them raw and after they had cooked them as part of the program..

The area is an open and sunny field which had never been farmed. It boasts a loamy sandy soil that was just waiting for some amendments to make anything we planted grow, and we can hardly wait to get dirt under our fingernails again, next spring.

  • We charge a small fee for a 30ft. row (or half row), and all gardeners are expected to abide by the Fund’s Guidelines since the Garden is our unofficial welcome sign for all visitors to the Waterfront Site.
  • We provide irrigation by soaker hose with scheduled, timed, water release.
  • We have bountiful access to organic soil amendments for the beds and paths.
  • All gardeners help to maintain the beauty of the site.

There is room for new, first-time gardeners in 2016. Please send your questions about the garden and join our waiting list by e-mailing your name, address, and telephone number to

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